Pre-Sale Overview

Hi friend!

Welcome to "Are You Really an INTP?" A class designed to fill in all of the gaps and questions that INTPs still have often when it comes defining their personality. With all of the questions and possibilities we can realize, it's no wonder that INTPs are often confused about their type. It's easy to confuse the definitions of different functions, feel as though we are different and more complex than we were yesterday, and have all sorts of other factors to consider like upbringing, age, career path, and how we're adjusting for the sake of our personal relationships.

This guide is meant to support your own research into your personality. This means that I'm going to throw everything I know about typology and INTPs at you to help you definitely determine whether or not you're an INTP.

In this class we'll do type comparisons, go deeper into the cognitive functions, and have Q&A sections for you to ask further questions and perhaps include some of your contexts so I can assist you in the process when you need it.

So, don't think of this as just a passive learning experience. This is an opportunity to ask an experiences Personality Profiler how your experience fits into the INTP experience.

With all of that said, this is the pre-sale section of the course. I've got a lot of videos to make, which requires a lot of time. So, what I need from you is a show of interest and comittment to definitely learning about whether or not you are actually an INTP.

This is also very much a coaching program designed to help you grow as an INTP, if that is indeed your type.

So if you're ready to go, go ahead and sign up.

Once I get a few sign ups then we're gonna get this show on the road!

Thanks for being here and I can't wait to help you figure out if you're REALLY an INTP :D


For now, I have a 5-part series (with a few bonus videos) on YouTube all about this questions with some overviews of each function. Some of the material may help you decide as well and you won't need this course. That would be totally okay, in fact, I would encourage you to go watch those videos first to now only find out for yourself but to get a feel for my style and knowledge.

If you thought those videos were interesting and you're still not sure. Come on back and we'll dive deeper and ask you questions about your personal context.

Thanks for being here!