Finding and Maintaining Relationships for INTPs

The Definitive Guide to Relationships for INTPs

As an INTP, I know that relationships can be a massive challenge. Every sign of logic seems to dictate that we'd be much better off with not having any relationships in our lives.

For many of us, the biological imperative to reproduce and experience love and connection tends to push us towards a desire for love anyway. So, while it may seem we're making the logical choice to be on our own, what we end up doing is avoiding relationships and challenges altogether...fighting against the natural flow of life.

This class is a way of showing INTPs that not only relationships matter but that you are capable of building and maintaining relationships by being your logical and playful self and taking some important key ideas into mind.

In this class we're going to cover:

- Listen and Answer Questions

- Becoming Open to Grow and Celebrating Your Partner's growth

- How to Date and Find Connections

- Maintaining the Relationships with Consistent Communication and Check-ins

- How to Know When It's Time to End the Relationship

This course is hosted by Christian Rivera (INTP) and Molly O'Riley (ENFP) who are sharing important keys to the success of their bond and relationship. We are two very different people who have had all sorts of diverse challenges and whom continue to grow together.


DO take this course if:

- You're an INTP struggling with finding and maintaining relationships.

- Feeling like you give up too much of yourself in the relationship.

- Want to know what it's like to be in a relationship with an ENFP

- You struggle with being honest and true to who you are as an INTP when in a relationship.

- Want to experience more love and joy in your life.

- Eager to grow and learn about how you can master your personal relationships.

DON'T take this course if:

- You feel like your ability to develop relationships will never change.

- You're unwilling to remove personality type bias

- You don't connect with a tough love style of teaching.

While this class may not be for every INTP, we do know that plenty of INTPs want support in their growth path. Connection is difficult and we often feel we have to connect the way others connect. That's simply not true. There is a way do share your truth, be honest, be direct, and still show great love and affection to the people in your life.

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Your Instructor

Christian Rivera | C-Note (@letsgocnote)
Christian Rivera | C-Note (@letsgocnote)

Christian Rivera is a Digital Producer, has been for 20 years creating photo, video, graphic design and audio assets for clients such as Disney, Hulu, Lionsgate, Focus Features, Paramount and more. In 2018, Christian developed DOPEamine, a platform dedicated to Mental Health Empowerment with a focus on INTP Personality Development.

After experiencing his own failure after failure he turned to personality archetypes as a way to better understand the difference between his personality and his mental health (ADHD and Cyclothymia). Christian began training with Personality Hacker, reading book after book, and having endless conversations about personality types to better his understanding of himself and the world around him.

After some intense training and loads of experience with personality profiling, Christian now creates courses and workshops to support all manner of personality type in their mental health calibration journey with a specialty in the INTP creative and productive journey.

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