Personalized Message Exploration

Creativity Identity Coaching is an extension of the Press Start on Your Brand Messaging class dedicated to working with you one-on-one to determine where your message might come from, what it would be, and how that relates to your personal identity. It's a 90-minute session one-on-one with me, a seasoned freelancer of 18-years, via Zoom or phone call to answer all of your questions and fill in the blanks of the class with your specific context. This will help get you on the right path to start leveling up your personal accountability, start finding the right clients, and making those connections you so surely deserve.

Creative Identity Coaching is massively discounted if you've gone through Press Start on Your Brand Messaging class. So I encourage to go back and take that class first before you consider Creative Identity Coaching. You're welcome to pay full price and have me personally guide you through the class though an hour of your time will save you a few hundred dollars.

In Creative Identity Coaching we will:

  • Determine your path of freelance or entrepreneurship.
  • Examine and hone in on what your tangible goals are.
  • Calibrate your understanding of living life without an instruction manual.
  • Review your past or current role in the drama triangle.
  • Determine how you moved through the empowerment dynamic or how you can do so now.
  • Define your X to Y statement to take with you.

Once you sign up we can get started virtually right away. There will be a brief process of selecting your time and then you'll have almost immediate access to me via Voxer to start asking your question in preparation for our 90-minute chat.

If you have any questions of reservations about what you're getting into please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below.

Can't wait to talk to you and help you with your own X to Y message!